Your Commitment

Make a donation and help support our aim to promote cooperation and understanding within the field of structural engineering and related fields through a worldwide exchange of knowledge and experience. Since the IABSE Foundation Council works on a voluntary basis and only minimal costs are incurred by the Foundation for administrative work, your donation will go almost 100% to the support of our activities.

The names of donors and the donor category are published and updated at regular intervals on the Foundation’s website. If a donor wishes to remain anonymous, the donation will be listed as such. The Foundation welcomes gifts of any size. Pledges may be made in the form of annual payments over a five-year period to the IABSE Foundation.

For convenience, six Donor Categories are suggested:
Patron up to CHF 50’000
Benefactor up to CHF 10’000
Principal sponsor up to CHF 5’000
Sponsor up to CHF 2’000
Principal donor up to CHF 1’000
Donor up to CHF 500