Anton Tedesko Medal

Anton Tedesko (1903 - 1994) was an outstanding engineer, eminent designer and builder of innovative structures, one who with a warm human touch has given guidance and strength to many in the profession. In order to honour the memory of this prestigious structural engineer and teacher, the IABSE Foundation Council created in 1998 the Anton Tedesko Medal.

The Anton Tedesko Medal was created to be awarded to honour a Laureate and support a Fellow by respectively:
- Presenting the IABSE Anton Tedesko Medal to a distinguished structural engineer as recognition of his/her life achievements, and at the same time
- Funding with a 25'000 CHF grant provided by the Foundation a study leave for a promising young engineer consisting of practical experience outside his/her home country with prestigious engineering firms

2010 Anton Tedesko Laureat, Koichi Takanashi, Japan


Prof. Takanashi has supervised many students and directed research projects at the Universities. of Tokyo, Chiba and Kougakuin. His research has been focused on plastic and seismic design. One of his outstanding accomplishments was the establishment of the overall testing method to combine numerical analysis of structural system in the computer and the test of structural frame in 1974. This method has advanced research to precisely understand the behaviour of structural frames. This method has now been widely used in the world and developed as one of the standard methods in earthquake response analysis and structural testing.

As part of his significant role in the structural engineering community, he has chaired the "Structural Design Appraisal Committee of Tall Buildings" for 8 years, where structural design works of all tall buildings in Japan were examined and appraised from the viewpoint of their structural performance against earthquakes. Prof. Takanashi also directs big research projects, his latest on the "Development of a new structural system", which was reported in SEI Vol.20 No.1. Prof. Takanashi is currently President of the Japan Society of Structural Steel Construction (JSSC), Member of the Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ), and the International Association for Bridge and Structural (IABSE). Within IABSE Prof. Takanashi has contributed comprehensively since his first presentation of his paper in IABSE Symposium Lisbon in 1973. He has supported IABSE Congresses and Symposia as an Invited Speaker and a Keynote Speaker. He has participated in Working Commission 8 and 5 as a member. He convened the IABSE Symposia in Davos, Rome and Kobe as a member of the Scientific Committee. He further has extended his efforts as a Vice-President from 1997-2005, served as Chair of the Japanese Group from 1999-2005, he was also a Member of the IABSE Outstanding Structure Award Committee.

Past recipients

2008 Laureate and Fellow: Hai-Fan Xiang, China, and Marvin Sabado, Philippines

2007 Laureate and Fellow: John C. Badoux, Switzerland, and Anand P. Singh, Nepal

2004 Laureate and Fellow: Robert Silman, USA, and John Anderson, USA

2002 Laureate and Fellow: Hajime Okamura, Japan, and Amorn Pimanmas, Thailand

2000 Laureate and Fellow: Niels J. Gimsing, Denmark, and Dong Xu, China

1998 Laureate and Fellow: Alexander C. Scordelis, USA, and Diego Cobo del Arco, Spain