The Foundation

The IABSE Foundation receives and provides funds to supports individuals, groups and organisations with the goal of donating knowledge in the field of Civil Engineering and promoting the mission of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE). The Foundation encourages the exchange between theory and practice, research and education, decision-makers and the public promoting also self-construction in the most disadvantaged areas of planet Earth. A priority goal of the Foundation is the transfer of technology to developing countries and the support of young engineers.

The IABSE Foundation is an independent body managed by a self-governing Foundation Council comprised of voluntary members, and is affiliated with the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE). It was founded in July 1993 as a non-profit institution, with its legal seat in Zurich, Switzerland.

The IABSE Foundation is managed by the Council composed by:

Tobia ZORDAN (Italy) – Chair

Sissel Niggeler (Switzerland) – Secretariat

Alp CANER (Turkey)

Airong CHEN (China)

Riccardo DE ECCHER (Italy)

Yozo FUJINO (Japan)

Yaojun GE (China)

Hajime IKEDA (Japan)

Manfred HIRT (Switzerland)

Risto KIVILUOMA (Finland)

Peter MAYDL (Austria)

William NUGENT (USA)

Silvio PONTI (Switzerland)

Thomas SPULER (Switzerland)

Holger SVENSSON (Germany)


In the picture below from bottom right, clockwise: Manfred Hirt (M), Jean-Claude Badoux (PG), Tobia Zordan (Chair), Yaojun Ge (M), Airong Chen (M), Silvio Ponti (M), Risto Kiviluoma (M), Riccardo de Eccher (M), Sissel Niggeler (Secretary), Alp Caner (M), Hajime Ikeda (PG), Thomas Spuler (M), Anton Steffen (PG).

M: Member; PG: Permanent Guest.

FoundC Geneva sept 2015